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766 sq.m.




Fitness club in Bucha with a total area of ​​766 sq.m.

The modern client always chooses those sports complexes that have a more eye-catching and ultra-modern design.

At the same time, one should not forget about providing a wide range of services: group classes, cardio and strength training,
personal training consultations, solariums, hammams, and massage rooms. Beyond that, compliance with technical requirements and competent zoning of the territory should be thought out too. These were the wishes of the customer.

The reception and the sales office are on the ground floor. Being made of marble, the reception underlines the status of the whole establishment.

At the spa area there are a massage room, solarium, and hammam. The area is designed in a loft-style, using such materials as brick, mesh, and concrete.

The strength and group training areas are located on the second floor. The primary colors of these interiors are dark red and ash. A dark red bar counter and a giant on-wall statue of an athlete became the gym’s unique elements.

We’ve also developed a children's room. While the parent is immersed in the training process, their kids will spend time with pleasure in a playroom.