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Kyiv region, Ukraine




869 sq.m.




The client had been living in England for a long time. So when he met us, he already knew what style his future home should be. That’s why we planned to reconstruct the main building and build a garage, guest house and staff premises.

When we did planning research, we found out that there’re some disadvantages of having separate buildings. For example, the customer didn’t like the need to walk from the garage to the main entrance after parking their car.

So the architects designed a large building complex that consists of connected blocks. The family house is at the center of the composition. It’s connected to the garage and staff premises by a glass linkway. If necessary, it allows you to move around the building complex easily. However, the residents don’t intersect in the daily routine.

Besides the fact that you can get inside the family house from the garage faster, we also designed a private room on the 2nd floor of the garage. The host can use it for both work and rest.

It was intentionally designed in a different architectural style to emphasize the estate’s evolution. Close to the guest house, there’s a big rest area with a steel pool, deck chairs, and a lounge zone with a fireplace.

The backyard recreates the atmosphere of an English country estate. We’ve added fedges and ivy-covered the house’s main facade in the European style.