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Location Kiev
Type Apartment
Area 92 sq.q
Year 2020


The apartment is located in a residential complex in the center of Kyiv.
Thanks to the successful choice of elements and the symbiosis of interior colors, it was possible to create impressive emotions and truly experience the design atmosphere.
The dressing room is made of metal and glass. This technique allows you to create coziness and visually enlarge the space. The dressing room’s accents are the terracotta leather boxes and the personalized wallpapers with bright patterns.
The mix of incompatible elements in both the living room and the kitchen evokes only positive emotions. It can’t be overlooked even by an inexperienced eye: every aspect of the interior seems to scream about the project’s exclusivity.
The impudence is in every aspect - carpet, chairs, decorative elements. The accent of the hallway is a big antique mirror that emphasizes the name of the project. A large wardrobe with bronze doors visually enlarges the space.
Another bold element of the apartment is the guest bathroom that’s located in front of the guest room.

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