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Location Kiev
Type Apartment
Area 92 sq.q
Year 2020


Apartment in a residential complex located in the center of Kiev.

The bedroom is filled with the spirit of France with a light scent of flirtation, reflected in the details. Thanks to the successful choice of elements and the symbiosis of interior shades, it was possible to create impressive emotions and fully immerse yourself in this atmosphere.

The dressing room is made of metal and glass, this technique allows you to create comfort and visually enlarge the space. The accent elements were terracotta leather drawers and a bright picture on the photo wallpaper, which does not go unnoticed.  

The combination of the incompatible in the living room and kitchen evokes only positive emotions, which can not be overlooked even by an unprofessional look, and each element of the interior seems to "shout" to us about the uniqueness of this project.

Boldness in everything - carpet, chairs, decor elements. The color and design of the paintings create an individual mood and comfort. The accent element of the hall is a mirror, which emphasizes the name of the project.

A large cabinet with bronze doors, visually enlarges the space. The final element of the apartment is a guest bathroom located in front of the guest room.

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