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Location Kiev
Type Apartment
Area 120 sq.m
Year 2018


Style: American classics. The key elements are modular parquet, fretwork wall art, window muntins, milling fronts.
The main colors are beige and brown. There’re also some blue accents in the interior.
Customers' wish was to design a spacious, bright apartment. Because of this, some walls and most of the furniture are made in white, like, kitchen, central shelving in the living room, dressing room, interior doors.
One of the living room’s accents is a fretwork art on the ceiling. It’s formed with rectangular patterns.
The bedroom is calm and discreet. White walls, light curtains behind the headboard and the monochrome wallpaper with a forest print create a cozy atmosphere.
The cabinet is made of solid wood panels tinted in deep blue color. The accent in this room is the onix wall panel near the desktop.

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