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Location Kiev
Type Apartment
Area 120 sq.m
Year 2018

Apartment for a domestic pair

Style - American classic (style elements - modular parquet, stucco on the walls, window shutters, facades with milling).

The color scheme - beige and brown with accent blue elements.

The client wanted a spacious and light apartment: in this regard, some of the walls and the bulk of the furniture are in white (the kitchen, the central shelving unit in the living room, a walk-in closet, the interior doors).

One of the accent elements of the living room is the molding on the ceiling: the flat moldings of rectangular section formed a geometric pattern.

Bedroom - a place of rest - calm and restrained - white walls and light curtains, behind the headboard - monochrome wallpaper with a picture of the forest.

Cabinet - solid wood panels tinted in deep blue, the wall near the desk is lined with onyx.

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