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Location Kiev
Type Apartment
Area 147 sq.m
Year 2018


Strict, elegant, and discreet.
The customer requested to design an uncluttered interior.
In the entrance hall, there’re faceted mirrors, a marble top console table, and a solid wood panel opposite the entrance. All this creates a particular atmosphere, sets the mood as you enter the apartment.
To visually increase the space, we’ve painted most apartment walls in white and used big-sized modular parquet panels of the same wood color.
We used an interesting technique to make the bedroom as light as possible: instead of making a separate dressing room, we’ve combined the two areas in one and split it with a wall partition. The dressing side is covered with mirrors, while the bedroom side is decorated with graphic wallpaper.
The children's room is designed for growth. There’s a bunk bed in it, and while there is one child in the family, he has a sleeping place on the second floor and a playing area on the first floor. Later the room will easily accommodate two kids.

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