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Location Kyiv
Type Apartment
Area 105 sq.m.
Year 2020


This three-room apartment project in the center of the capital, intended for a young family’s life, has combined a convenient layout and attractive interior solutions.
Muted colors, natural materials, and dense textures are the embodiment of our view of space, in which a person can feel at home.
The apartment’s space has been reorganized and divided into two functional blocks. The first one consists of the parents’ bedroom, bathroom, nursery, and a spacious dressing room. Particular attention was paid to the active organization of the nursery. The layout’s key idea was to design two entrances for the kid’s room: both from the side of the parents' and the living rooms.
The second block includes a kitchen, living room with a lounge area, and a guest bathroom with a shower and laundry.
The project’s concept dictates the finishing materials: natural wood, marble, glass panels, and several decorative plaster types. The bedroom walls are finished with textiles and marble. The bed’s upholstered panel, combined with the stone panel, creates a cozy atmosphere.
There is a monochrome matte finish in muted shades on the living room’s walls and ceiling. It enhances the marble panel that adorns the support tower in the room’s center. 
The furniture and luminaries complete the overall ensemble, creating a harmonic and holistic interior.

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