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Location Kyiv
Type Interior
Area 205 sq. m
Year 2020

Fresh hot bread, croissants, donuts, and coffee... Can any morning be perfect without these? Well, at least not for the Khlebny’s visitors.
Many people love to eat well. There’re even those who consider food as a ritual. Therefore, the atmosphere here should be as favorable and comfortable as possible for aesthetic breakfasts. Together with Masha Shubina, we accepted such an exciting challenge.
Two-story interior, panoramic windows, plenty of lighting, and over 100 seats help the establishment look very spacious and light. The interior style and all the design elements keep the building’s magic in which the cafe is based.
The peculiarity and the calling card of the interior is a pastiche of the subway signage. That is a design idea and one of the owners’ primary goals: opening their bakeries at EVERY metro station. This proves once again that people are at the center of the design.

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