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Location Kyiv region
Type interior
Area 450 sq.m
Year 2020


Floor plans

First floor. Corridor, kitchen, dining room, living room, and bathroom. Total floor area: 138 sq.m.

One of the main features of the project is the high ceilings in the living room. They make the space incredibly airy. And at the same time, the dance of the fireplace flames and sparks create a unique coziness in the room.

We used the traditional circular seating arrangement in the dining room, preserving unity and saving the eye-contact. The kitchen has an island for a more relaxed atmosphere.

Second floor. Corridor, bedroom, wardrobe, bathroom, shower, study, master-bathroom. Total floor area: 147.5 sq.m.

The master bedroom was combined with a bathroom. The central column was covered with natural stone and framed with LED lighting.

There is a children's room, dressing room, guest bedroom, and bathroom on the third floor. We zoned space for a boy so he'd have a place to sleep, a place to study, and a comfortable padded lounge for playing on PlayStation.

Basement. Garage, corridor, wine room, fuel room, laundry, bathroom, technical rooms, hammam, restroom. Total floor area: 142 sq.m.

The lounge area is combined with the hammam. At the client's request, we've installed a screen for watching movies in front of the jacuzzi.


To immerse the residents into a genuinely relaxed atmosphere, each area of the house contains essential elements for family members:

• paired statues of dogs on the ground floor

• asian-style bath in the Master-bedroom. Its design was based on a photo that clients took on their trip to China 3 years ago, willing to recreate it in their house one day

• Mickey Mouse figure in front of the nursery

• large number of paintings on all floors.

Our designers wanted all cottage visitors to see something "special" at the entrance. That's why the abstracted painting was placed in front of the door, which gets automatically illuminated by ignition sensors.

View the  exterior of the house

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