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Location Kiev
Type Apartment
Area 76 sq.m.
Year 2020


Daring interior for a metropolitan resident. Non-standard layout, bold choice of colors, complex textures, natural materials - everything in this project speaks of the customer's character.

We combined the kitchen, living room and hallway into a single space, visually separating them with colors and wall decoration.

An accent piece in the form of a burgundy cube made of glass with LED backlighting is a signature feature of the project, which sets the tone for the entire interior. The reflective surface adds depth to the space and allows you to adjust its light level. 

Inside the cube itself there is a guest bathroom. All built-in household appliances are located on the facade from the kitchen side. This made it possible to effectively place all communications without taking away the usable area. The bedroom is made in soft warm colors. Oak panels and slabs with a pattern of dark Sahara noir marble at the head of the bed create the intimate atmosphere necessary for a comfortable stay. Concealed doors leading to the living room and master bathroom accentuate this sense of privacy.   

The drawing on the parquet board is author's. This reflects the individuality of the project and the person who will live in this interior.  

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