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Location Малютянка
Type Дом
Area 220 кв.м.
Year 2018

Дом для отдыха

This country house was originally planned as a holiday home for a weekend getaway. But soon after the project was completed and the family had a chance to live in it, the house became the primary place of their residence.
The first floor’s central part is occupied by a shared space - a living room and kitchen area, large enough for the whole family to accommodate. Everything is restrained and concise. The primary materials, which are stone and wood, bring comfort to this minimalist interior.
The central wall is wood-sheathed. It’s contrasted with the fireplace faced with porcelain stoneware.
Panoramic windows make the room even larger, letting more daylight in and making space airier.
The staircase construction’s made of one central metal stringer, making the whole structure visually lighter.

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