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Location Kyiv
Type Apartment
Area 89 sq.m.
Year 2019


An apartment with a historical past is definitely something to be earned.

As well as a client who will support the idea of ​​the contrast of times in the interior. The apartment is located in the Kyiv city center, in a house built in 1898, where the brickwork is perfectly preserved. The brickwork itself became the main material in the search for design solutions.

Metal as the cold material symbolizing present works advantageously in contrast to brick as the warm material of the past. The vintage-shaped graphite sofa is also boldly matched with concrete columns with metal capitals.

Kitchen is the place of power in the apartment. Warm wooden facades and metal wall panels coexist here. Modern chandeliers, stylistically repeating the classical forms with their sophisticated geometry, continue the idea of ​​connection with the past and emphasize the ceilings height.

Master bedroom is decorated with soft textiles that cover not only the window, but also part of the wall. This technique allows to create a sense of coziness and tranquility. Great attention has been paid to lighting: soft, diffused light illuminates the brickwork and adds warmth to the perception of the entire room.

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