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Location Kyiv
Type Interior Design
Area 40 sq.m
Year 2020

Sola capsule — a high-tech, mobile capsule for special solitude

It emerged at the junction of things like a yacht, a motor home and a traditional house.

Task: everything you need to accommodate for 4 people in 40 sq.m place

Solution: we zoned the place and arranged the interior according to the principles of ergonomics:

• The living room has a sofa with super-dynamic pillows that transform it into a couch or cozy chair. There is also a wine shelf and a table.

• space in the kitchen were saved by installing all the necessary equipments and tools in the furniture itself. The table for 16 people, which decomposes to its target size, contains 4 stationary chairs and 12 additional ones, which are hidden in a special niche.

• we designed a full-fledged dressing room so that it was possible to keep things in a decent condition.

• sleeping areas were placed on the entresols: Master bedroom with a desk we designed over the wardrobe, and a guest bedroom - over the kitchen. Thus, not only we expanded other areas in the apartment, but also provided residents with a comfortable sleep on 2x2m beds.

• installed a household unit in the bathroom, which has a washing machine, storage for dirty clothes, and a separate one for other essential tools.

• we used the stairs and the empty space inside them to store small things - books, shoes, etc.

Style: minimalism.

In the decoration we gave preferences to wood, metal, kirlit, frosted glass. For the kitchen, we chose pressed plastic, which imitates stone, but is more durable. Such materials are tactile, practical and fully comply with the concept and purpose of this capsule.

The project was implemented in partnership with Tobesola.

Developer: ZV Development

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