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Kyiv region, Ukraine




124 sq.m.




Duplex apartment in Kyiv center. The main task was to create an elegant interior with classic elements and at the same time do not overload the space.

Mixing styles - track lights and ceiling moldings; natural wood millings, a combination of discreet white onyx and daring brown marble. That’s what makes the design unique!

To enlarge the space we faced the central column with mirrors.

In order to preserve the integrity of the space, the entire central wall was covered with panels. Behind each sides there are a kitchen and entrance to the guest bedroom and a bathroom accordingly.

For both safety and aesthetic reasons - there are brass rods along the stairs. Between the rods there are lights enshrined that reach the first floor, uniting the space of the 2 floors and highlighting the staircase.

The main materials were brown marble, white onyx, dark veneer, and brass.