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869 sq.m.



Symbiosis of the English style and the rustic style.

Our customers wanted a home that would become the ancestral home, including the next generations of their family.

The combination of the two styles was close to them and became symbolic when creating this house.

After all, the rustic style and the English style are about family, comfort, memory and, of course, about functionality.

Design: Victoria Osipova, Elena Oberemok, Konstantin Maksimenko, Bogdan Kostelny.

Everyone who steps into the living room will immediately feel at home.

We used a lot of wood in the room to make it feel more comfortable.

White and pastel green were chosen as accent colors.

We tried to make the room as homely as possible, added a lot of decor, kilims with drawings, a lot of flowers and decorative lighting. We have placed pillows of different sizes and patterns on the sofa.

The owners wanted the dining area to be as close to nature as possible, so here we have a glass door and a lot of natural light through panoramic windows. Everything in order to combine the dining room with the environment. There are beams on the ceiling that hold the hanging plants.

Light colors prevail in the master zone.

On the wall behind the headboard, there is a drawing under the old frescoes.

The Viennese mesh pattern is placed on the bedside tables, the chest as a banquet, textiles with embroidery and lace - all in the best traditions of old English houses.

In the other part of the bedroom, there are two armchairs where the owners can taste coffee every morning, gaining strength for the new day.

Children's rooms are mirrored, one for the little lady and the other for the older rowdy.

For the girl, we made a room in peach-pink colors.

We made the cabinet handles in the shape of brushes, covered the window with beads, and a chandelier and a floor lamp with birds that come every morning to wake the magic princess.

Boy has traveler's room J

A wardrobe with dinosaur handles, a huge model of an airplane and a chandelier in the shape of a derizable flaunts on the wall.

We decorated the corridor with an ethnic carpet.

Shelves were placed on the wall, where the owners will put pictures and watch how their children grow and how they themselves change.

Here you can see a spiral staircase, along which we will climb to the third floor.

The playroom is under the roof. The owners wanted it to be a children's room in the attic for exploring, playing and dreaming about the incredible.

Here we have placed a home theater, a sports area and a work table for classes.

Separately separated the male area.

Here is an office, a meeting room and a place for sports.

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    Kyiv, Ukraine
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    Dubai, UAE
    Saaha Offices B, Souk Al Bahar, Downtown Dubai
    +971 52 700 1811
    General inquiries