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40 sq.m.



About project

This place has something in common with a yacht, a camper truck and a traditional house.

Task: create a smart 40 sqm interior for 4 people.

Solution: we zoned the place according to the ergonomics principles:
The living room has a sofa that transforms into a couch or a chair. There is also a wine shelf and a table in the room.
we saved a lot of space in the kitchen by installing all the necessary equipment and tools in the furniture. The transformer table for 16 people, contains 4 stationary chairs and 12 additional ones, which are hidden in a special niche.
we designed a full-fledged dressing room.
sleeping areas were placed on the entresols.
we installed in the bathroom a washing machine, storage for dirty clothes, and storage for essential tools.
we used the empty space inside the stairs to store small things like books, shoes, etc.
Style: minimalism.
The project was implemented in partnership with Tobesola.
Developer: ZV Development

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